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Darcy, Lauren, Bailey & Ollie

This is Tom's little brother Darcy and his family. They were down for Magrath days and we managed to take a few family pictures while they were here. It was so great to spend the evening with them and I just love Bailey and Ollie. Ollie pretty much never stops smiling and Bailey is the sweetest little girl! Miss you guys already.

Adam, Christa & Cooper

I was so excited when Christa wanted to take their family pictures down at the lake. There are endless locations and backdrops. I did end up having to stand almost waist deep in the lake to get a few shots but it was well worth it! Cooper did awesome and loved playing by the lake. Hope you had a great vacation Hogg family!


little big brother

This sweet baby boy just became a big brother to a little sister named Emerson. While we were taking her newborn pics, Nixon gave us one AWESOME shot so I figured he deserved his own post.


this is sweet baby EMMY!
I was so excited that Carrie had her baby before I came up to visit. It was so fun to sit and cuddle this teensy tiny baby girl. I loved getting to take pictures of cute ruffles, bows, pink and purple blankets and pretty much anything girly. I really seem to get used to taking pictures of my boys so it was a blast. I was lucky enough to get to spend another week with her down at our family reunion in Montana. Crazy that she was one of the 3 new babies there and they were all born in the same week.
Congratulations Famulaks!


the townsends

It was so fun to get to hang out with our friends the Townsends when we were up in Edmonton this summer. Their little boys are just so adorable and loved the neighborhood dog that came by to watch our session! Thanks for a fun evening you guys!


This is sweet baby Andie. Isn't she the sweetest! I was lucky enough to be in Edmonton right after she was born and to get to spend the afternoon with her and her bestie Emerson.
They were so adorable and kept my on my toes. Then I got to spend the next weekend with her down in Southern Alberta at the Bennett Family Reunion. Congratulations Melvin and Kay- she is too cute!